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Serving Copperas Cove, Kempner, Killeen, Texas.

About the Copperas Cove Team

United K9 Academy Copperas Cove. The growth of the Copperas Cove community brought the request of a United K9 Academy franchise. Now we are serving families in Copperas Cove, Lampasas and Kempner areas. United K9 offers variety of dog services like: dog walking, pet sitting, boarding and much more. Our Team of Elite Trainers can help you with any dog training or behaviors needs. We offer Training programs like: service dog training, basic to advanced obedience, board and train programs, and puppy training. The staff is trained in The Science of Animal Learning Theory, K9 First Aid, and Animal Behaviors. For more information check out the trainers below and fill out a contact form.

Jonathan Arwood


I joined the military in early 2015. I had planned to make a career out of the service but life had other plans. In 2017 I was injured in a helicopter accident and later that year was medically retired from the service. It was clear I had to shift fire and find a new purpose. I have always been keen to work with dogs and have had experience doing so on and off throughout life. In 2018 I discovered this company and jumped at the chance to start working with and training dogs as a profession. I currently service the Marble Falls area but go just about anywhere in Central Texas to provide quality training.

Meet the Trainers


Jeannette Noble

As a child I always loved working with dogs, when I was 11 we got my first dog and the first dog I ever trained. He was a bit of a trouble maker, but he became a great dog with my guidance and training. When I was a teenager I started volunteering at the local animal shelters to help their dogs as well. This is when I discovered my second dog, Cassie and adopted in 2012. She was a challenge, she had all the classic behavioral issues of an untrained dog. Table surfing and door bolting to name a couple. I went to work helping her to use her “smarts” for good instead of evil and found that agility was her super power. She can now run an agility course like a pro, listens very well and is my demo dog today. Cassie is a perfect example of a dog that with the correct amount of attention, positive reinforcement and training will make her a wonderful dog. I currently service the Killeen, TX area but will go anywhere in Central Texas to help you and your dogs!

Dorothy Joy Clark

I’ve had dogs my whole life and trained every one of them to do the basic commands such sit, down, come, and heel. As I got older, I decided I was going to make a career out of dog training. That decision lead to me enrolling into animal behavior college. The online format allowed me to work at my own pace. I met Craig as my mentor and trainer at ABC and we’ve been working together ever since. I service the Coppers Cove area.


Other Services

Boarding, Dog Walking and Pet Sitting


Board and Train Programs

Our board and train program will take place in the trainer’s home and will allow for more one on one time between your pet and their trainer. During this time, you will receive updates on their progress. Your dog will work in an in home

Private Training Program

This 45-60 minute lesson is designed to help the handler (you) teach your own dog. During this time, the Dog Team (You and your dog) will work side by side with a professional trainer to get to the final goal that the dog team has set!

Service K9’s

We are certified to train service dogs for handlers with various disabilities. Our expertise includes service K9‘s for handlers with mobility issues, epilepsy, and diabetes; as well as service K9’s for emotional support.

Therapy K9’s

Therapy K9’S are for everyone! United K9 Therapy Trained Dog Teams can go to hospitals and nursing homes to bring joy to others going through a rough time! (Note: These dogs do not have full access)

Behavior Modification

Our team is equipped to handle dogs suffering from anxiety up to red zone. We will work side by side with you to get control over any behavior issue you have with your dog.

Puppy Programs

We can work with your puppy as early as 8 weeks old up to 5 months. Our trainers will walk you through all of your training needs in the puppy stages from potty training to behavior.

AKC Tests and Classes

United K9 Academy is a American Kennel Club Evaluator. Stay tuned for Upcoming classes and test.

**Your trainer will discuss any additional required training equipment with you individually.**

Group Classes

This is where you will work among other dog teams and professional trainers. These classes are where you and your dog will learn to work with and around high distractions. This is where all your hard work will pay off. Stay tuned for upcoming classes. Sign up for our newsletter!

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