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About the Austin Team

Welcome to United K9 Academy Austin, the best dog trainers in America’s best city for dogs! Whether you live the busy Austin city life and need boarding, or you enjoy one of the many outdoor activities that the greater Austin area has to offer and would like off leash obedience, we have all your dog training needs covered. Our team of dedicated dog training professionals strive to empower owners through education, personal attention, and hands-on instruction.

We offer services such as free in home consultations, puppy training, basic to advanced obedience , behavior modification training, service dog training, therapy dog training, emotional support animal training, agility training, off leash training, boundary training, and much more!

All of our trainers are certified and experienced in the science of animal learning theory, K9 first aid & CPR, and animal behaviors. Ask about our AKC certified evaluators and sign up for the canine good citizen or puppy S.T.A.R. Program.

Adopted a rescue with some behavioral issues? Ask about our behavior rehabilitation program. Check out the list of trainers below and fill out a contact form.

Daniel De La Pena


Daniel always had a love for dogs growing up, but his passion for dogs developed during his service on active duty as a Military Police Officer. During his tour in Iraq (OIF/OND) Daniel conducted checkpoints with explosive detection MWD’s (military working dogs) and trained with local Iraqi Police Departments to conduct proper checkpoint/security searches. While stationed at the prestigious United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, Daniel conducted hundreds of narcotics & explosives searches with K9 assets on a daily basis. In addition to his military experience Daniel graduated from Starmark Academy where he received his certification as a Canine Trainer and Animal Behavior Specialist, he also graduated from United K9 Academy’s course and received his trainers’ certification. Daniel is the proud owner of the United K9 Academy Austin franchise, and along with his team of dedicated canine professionals, welcomes you to the United K9 family.

Meet the Trainers


Lexus Lemoine

A graduate of Troy University, Lexus obtained a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. She continued her education in an area that was always a passion of hers. She attended Tarheel Canine Training where she acquired her Master Trainers Certification in the following areas: Professional Obedience, Behavior Modification, Narcotics and Explosives Detection, Tracking/Trailing, Patrol/Apprehension, and Person Protection Dogs. In addition, she attended United K9 Academy’s trainer’s course, where she received a Trainers Certification. Lexus currently owns 2 working canines: a Belgian Malinois, K9 Bad, which is certified in narcotics detection and patrol/apprehension and a German Shepherd, K9 Sloan, which is certified in narcotics detection and tracking. She also trains her dogs in the sport, Protection Sport Association (PSA). To further support her sport, she is a committed member and active decoy. Her extensive background and experience, with training in all of these areas over the past 4 years, provides a vast and unique ideology in her training.

Jennifer Watkins

Jennifer’s passion for animals started when she became an animal control officer and saw first hand where dogs with behavioral issues end up. Most of Jennifer’s experience comes from working at animal shelters, vet clinics and raising her own dogs. It has always been a dream of Jennifer’s to train dogs professionally and United K9 Academy has made that possible through their job placement program, where Jennifer received her professional dog trainer and animal behavior specialist certification. Jennifer looks forward to educating pet owners on the science of animal learning theory and pack leadership to help turn your K9 into a well mannered family companion.

Brandi Farber

Born and raised in the Austin area, Brandi has been around dogs of every shape and size from the time she could crawl. Over the years Brandi has volunteered at the Williamson County Animal Shelter, and various other shelters to help re-home the dogs there. While volunteering at these shelters she noticed that some dogs came back to the shelter for things that just needed a little training to fix. Brandi was able to learn about animal behaviors, animal learning theory, and receive her animal behavior specialist & dog trainer certification through United K9 Academy’s job placement program. Brandi looks forward to working with you and your K9 companion!


Other Services

Boarding, Dog Walking and Pet Sitting


Board and Train Programs

Our board and train program will take place in the trainer’s home and will allow for more one on one time between your pet and their trainer. During this time, you will receive updates on their progress. Your dog will work in an in home environment as well as outside the home (parks, dog friendly stores, etc.)

Private Training Programs

This 45-60 minute lesson is designed to help the handler (you) teach your own dog. During this time, the Dog Team (You and your dog) will work side by side with a professional trainer to get to the final goal that the dog team has set!

Training equipment needed: 15 ft long leash, Place Cot, 6 ft leash and Training collar

Service K9’s

We are certified to train service dogs for handlers with various disabilities. Our expertise includes service K9‘s for handlers with mobility issues, epilepsy, and diabetes; as well as service K9’s for emotional support.

Therapy K9’s

Therapy K9’S are for everyone! United K9 Therapy Trained Dog Teams can go to hospitals and nursing homes to bring joy to others going through a rough time! (Note: These dogs do not have full access)

Behavior Modification

Our team is equipped to handle dogs suffering from anxiety up to red zone. We will work side by side with you to get control over any behavior issue you have with your dog.

Puppy Programs

We can work with your puppy as early as 8 weeks old up to 5 months. Our trainers will walk you through all of your training needs in the puppy stages from potty training to behavior.

AKC Tests and Classes

United K9 Academy is a American Kennel Club Evaluator. Stay tuned for Upcoming classes and test.

**Your trainer will discuss any additional required training equipment with you individually.**

Group Classes

This is where you will work among other dog teams and professional trainers. These classes are where you and your dog will learn to work with and around high distractions. This is where all your hard work will pay off. Stay tuned for upcoming classes. Sign up for our newsletter!

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