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United K9 Academy is the leading edge for dog training and all your dog needs. United K9 is a firm believer that all dogs learn differently. Our training methodology consists of a variety of dog training techniques, including clicker training, leash training and remote collar training. United K9 is a balanced training academy with training programs like service dog training programs, basic to advanced obedience training programs, therapy dog training programs, off leash training, group Classes, behavior modification, and puppy training programs.

The United K9 Way

To empower owners through education.

United K9 Academy Recruits will be exposed to many distractions from parks, dog friendly stores, and even the gun range for those special K9s. This is to ensure your K9 family member will listen in all environments you may go!

United K9 Academy Methodology is based on the science of Animal Learning Theory.
Our Advanced Obedience is where we turn your dog into an Elite K9. Learning
distance, duration and working through distractions.

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<h4 style="text-align: center; color: #ffffff;"> We Get!</h4>

Famous Question

We Get!

"Do you train husbands wives or kids?

Well, where other trainers say "No!", United K9 Academy says "YES!" We will train the whole family to ensure that your K9 family member knows where they stand in the pack!

United K9 Academy board and train programs have been proven to be the Tip Of The Sword! Each board and train will have hours invested working on distractions and in unlimited locations

Our Mission

We are a veteran owned and operated business who’s mission is to strengthen the human/animal bond between canines and their humans, using methods based in the science of Animal Learning Theory. We strive to empower owners through education, personal attention, and hands-on instruction. Our goal is to get people excited about understanding canine behavior and using that knowledge to create well-mannered family companions.

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